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station". good morning, against all odds -- at least six people, including two small children pulled alive from the rubble on sunday, as more aid and u.s. troops arrive in haiti. neck and neck, the race to fill t late ted kennedy's senate seat coming down to the wire. it all comes down to tomorrow's vote. and it could decide the fate of health care reform. and hollywood's golden night. some of the biggest names in entertainment take top honors at the 67th annual golden globe awards. the winners and losers on stage and on the red carpet today, monday, january 18th, 2010. captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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and good morning, welcome to "today" on a monday morning, martin luther king jr. day, i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm meredith vieira. some 12,000 service men and women are in the region helping to get supplies to earthquake survivors, but some say the aid is not arriving fast enough. >> there's a lot of frustration. let's get you caught up. some 70,000 bodies have been buried in mass graves. an on sunday, haiti's prime minister says he expects the final death toll to be 100,000 at a minimum. but 134 hours after the quake, survivors are still being found. at least six were rescued on sunday, bringing the total of people rescued by international search-and-rescue teams to more than 70. former president bill clinton is set to arrive in haiti today.
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we'll get the latest in a couple of minutes. and the situation in haiti on the minds of the stars who attended last night's golden globe awards. if you watched, you probably noticed many celebrities were wearing red and yellow ribbons to show support for the quake victims. big winner last night. james cameron and "avatar," he and his cast will join us coming up. and we'll check in with al and natalie, who were in los angeles following a sleepless night of following the glitz and glamour. >> and congratulations on their big win, that's nice. >> thank you. >> i'd like to thank all the little people. we want to start this morning on a serious note. we're talking about the relief efforts and increasing tension in haiti. lester holt joins us this morning, from port-au-prince. lester, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, for a sixth straight night, people slept on the streets in port-au-prince, in case of aftershocks.
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people are weary, tired, they're hungry, they're thirsty and they want help. help, food and water is arriving in this country. it is getting to some people. but the demand is simply overwhelming. from the air, a landscape of flattened and gutted buildings. and on the ground, the challenge of caring for those who lived is testing the skills of relief workers and survivors. on sunday, tempers flared at one food and water distribution site when supplies ran out. near the airport, 85 seniors at a nursing home are still waiting for aid. yesterday, united nations secretary-general, ban ki-moon visited port-au-prince and offered reassurance. >> i'm here to say we are with you. you are not alone. help is already arriving. >> reporter: in fact, some distribution sites are successfully up and running. for a second day, american soldiers delivered food and
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water from a hilltop country club, to a peaceful and grateful crowd. >> if it wasn't here, we could have died. >> reporter: still, officials are worried by growing unarrest among a tired, hungry and thirsty population. already there have been ugly clashes over scavenged goods. on a more positive note there were a series of dramatic rescues of people found alive in collapsed buildings. among the miracle survivors is u.n. worker, jens christianson. >> last time i heard someone was 36, 48 hours ago. >> 36 to 48 hours ago. was it tapping? a voice. >> it was tapping. >> reporter: meantime, the u.s. military continues to build up here for the long haul. ferrying tons of provisions, some 12,000 american troops are now in the region. just offshore, u.s. coast guard helicopters and ships are working with their haitian counterparts to get some of the
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injured the care they need. the coast guard is bringing injured patients on to their cutters just offshore, stabilizing them and choppering them to the hospitals in other parts of haiti where they have functioning facilities. >> we bring them out here from the base and get them on a helicopter up to the hospital. >> reporter: this weekend, one of the survivors gave birth to a baby girl on board the coast guard ship tahoma, a little girl, unaware that the world is working together around her to give her and her country a better tomorrow. the spirit and resilience of the haitian people is remarkable. we slept outside last night and woke up this morning to the sound of people on the streets singing. matt? >> lester holt in port-au-prince this morning. lester, as always, thank you ep very much for your hard work. kenneth merton is an ambassador to haiti, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let me start by asking you about law and order and security there. the people of port-au-prince, of
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haiti, are not criminals, but they are desperate in some circumstances and we're starting to see a lot of scenes of that desperation bubbling to the surface. so give me a sense, what is the security situation in the city right now? >> the security situation is obviously not perfect. you have a situation where the haitian police, due to their own significant losses, are degraded. you have a u.n. force which has had its own losses. so they're not able to perform at the level they, they probably would like. however, given that, i think things are going reasonably well. you have to realize this is not a perfect, perfect law-and-order situation here, even at the best of times. so i think our assessment is that while we're watching it closely, we're concerned about it, we're monitoring carefully. we don't believe that it's anything, that's unmanageable at this point. >> let me ask you to follow up on that. who's in charge when it comes to law and order? is it the haitian police?
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is it u.n. security forces? u.s. forces? who's calling the shots? >> well, first and foremost, it's going to be the haitian police, to the extent their presence, they're the ones in charge of protecting the haitian people. keeping law and order here. but as i said, their capabilities are limited. after that, we have the u.n. force here, they are the next step in maintaining law and order. they've been doing an excellent job. i want to particularly salute the brazilian troops who are here, who have done a fabulous job. our troops are standing by in cases where neither the haitian police nor the u.n. troops can provide security. we've done that on a couple individual occasions. but so far, most cases, the haitian police and the u.n. forces have been able to handle the situation. >> ambassador merton, in lester's piece, we saw scenes at an aid distribution site up on a hillside, where things appear to be going very, very well. is that the norm?
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how would you rate the overall progress of getting aid to the people who desperately need it? food, water, things like that? >> it's hard to say. we try and keep, keep an eye on as many sites as possible. obviously we have a better insight into the ones where americans are involved. but i think most of them are peaceful. there are, clearly been a few instances where people are, as you said, tired and desperate. and they are reacting in obviously that fashion when food and water appear. but overall, i think the information we've had thus far is things have been generally moving reasonably well. >> former president clinton arrives in haiti today, he'll meet with president prevel. and he and former president bush are spearheading the fundraising efforts from the private sector in this country. have you or has anyone, ambassador merton in my opinion, been able to put a pricetag on this. what kind of money is it going to take to rebuild that city and
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parts of that country? honestly, i haven't heard anybody give a credible estimate. i don't think anybody who is being honest with you is really going to know. it's an incredible situation. downtown port-au-prince looks as i imagine, tokyo looked after the second world war. it is flattened, there are incredible number of people who are homeless, including many embassy staff. it's an awful situation and they're going to be starting just about from zero in port-au-prince. >> ambassador merton, i know you're busy, it's always nice for to you spend time with us, we wish you luck. >> my pleasure, thanks very much. for more, here's meredith. >> as we mentioned, survivors are still being found. there were at least six rescues on sunday, and crews are holding out hope that there will be more today. nbc's kerry sanders has more on that. good morning to you, kerry. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. in a country that has so much misery, so much pain, so much
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loss, these search and rescues have become the symbol of hope. and the teams doing this work are just earning the respect of the world. and again, they're remarkably pulling survivors and extracting them from the rubble. 110 hours after the quake, the collapsed five-storey supermarket gave up a miracle. a 7-year-old girl and another, a man in his 20s, still alive. and hours later, another man emerged, dehydrated, covered in dust, but remarkably unscathed. her brother-in-law never gave up hope. >> she's alive. >> reporter: the work was especially hard, as tremors continued to shift the debris. >> you actually almost have to do a superman in some areas, because you can't even do elbow-crawling, you have to extend yourself and inchworm yourself. our rescue specialists drilled holes on their backs, almost in a fresco position on laying on a
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surface on their back, drill, drill, drill and chipped away all that. and then with the first one came out, almost like a pinata. >> reporter: the teams from turkey and south florida, punched through the final concrete slab, firsthanding merrell, a body of water. and then a firefighter from florida, slipped his hand from cold concrete to a warm body. >> she knew that right now she's not going to die in the darkness, pain and suffering, stuck in one position. >> in a strange, small-world connection, merrell lives in pembrooke pines. pembrooke pines paramedic was the team member who first reached her and extracted her. >> it's incredible, i did not know she was from pembrooke pines. that makes it even better. >> reporter: joseph is another team member here, also from her hometown fire department. >> as long as we believe there's victims inside the structure, or the potential for victims, we won't leave. >> reporter: in south florida, her two boys got an early-morning call telling them
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their mother was alive and now free. >> just the greatest news. and she only has minor injuries. >> reporter: these rescues are even more remarkable, when you consider shortly after the quake, the first team in was from venezuela and they pulled one person out alive. then another team came in from iceland, they pulled three people out alive. then they brought in the sniffer dogs. the dogs said nobody else was left alive. but they were wrong. it turns out -- they were smelling rotting meat. this is a supermarket, after all. and late sunday, the teams found two more people alive. a man and then a woman, teams are now hopeful there are more alive. >> it's a very wonderful night, because we've worked almost 26 hours straight for those two survivors. immediately now, we need to regroup. get everybody together and start working some more. >> reporter: another bit of remarkable news? a 2-year-old girl was pulled
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from another grocery store. representative kendrick meek was there, he represents the largest haitian-american community in the united states. he had his iphone with him, he shot these pictures as she was taken out. that little girl's father was there, obviously thrilled. and of course, there's a lot of hope for more moments like this. but doctors say humans can survive without access to water for about five days. so we're at the edge of potentially finding more survivors. they're still looking, however, meredith. >> and they didn't think they'd find them up to this point. wonderful news, kerry, thank you so much. now here's matt. changing gears here, a bit, a special election is being held in massachusetts tomorrow, that to fill the u.s. senate seat vacated by the death of ted kennedy. it is a key race in both parties have pulled out the heavy-hitters and all stops in the final days of campaigning. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in boston with more. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. it's one of the biggest surprises in politics.
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and democrats are feeling the misery of this wintry morning. they should have the overwhelming advantage. they have more registered voters here. but the race is a dead heat. and whatever the outcome tomorrow, it could affect everything the president wants to get done. the president swooped in to boston sunday. >> how's it going, boston? >> reporter: a clear sign, alarm bells are ringing for democrats. >> i need you knocking on doors, i need you making phone calls. >> reporter: there's a head-scratching disbelief here that the senate term ted kennedy did not live to finish could be taken over tomorrow, by a republic republican. vicky kennedy jumped in to help. >> we don't look back in massachusetts, we look forward and we're going to elect martha coakley as the next united states senator. >> democrats ought to be able to have a lousy candidate running a lousy campaign and still not worry about massachusetts.
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>> reporter: but they are married would that massachusetts attorney general, martha coakley let her lead in the polls fizzle. >> there's a lot at stake, and you know that. >> reporter: the republican candidate, state senator scott brown has compared himself to jfk on tax cuts and is trying to sway independents. >> well we're working hard and we'll continue to work until january 19th at 8:01. >> reporter: brown has made his old truck a symbol in his campaign. >> i put a lot of miles on it during this campaign. wherever i go, people tell me they're concerned about the path our country is on. >> reporter: the truck got so much attention that president obama turned it around on brown. >> i think long and hard about getting in that truck with martha's opponent. it might not take you where you want to go. and where we don't want to go right now is backwards. >> reporter: and of course, many people here say what's happening really reflect as frustration among voters about decisions in washington. so it's taking on a national perspective. and meredith, this one seat is
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so important, because democrats try to hold on to their 60-seat majority. which is really needed to get anything done in washington. so all eyes are on massachusetts. meredith? >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much. chris matthews is the host of msnbc's "hardball" and the "chris matthews show." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> given all the president is facing right now, the fact he had to make this special trip to massachusetts, the bluest of blue states, to campaign for a democrat who finds herself in trouble, what does that say about the struggles that the president and his party are facing right now? and is this election at all a referendum on him? >> well, it's a referendum on the health care bill. i think everybody in massachusetts knows when they vote on tuesday, if they vote for scott brown, they're voting to kill the health care bill. that's clear as heck. the only issue that makes it complicated is that even among voters who like the president, the democratic candidate is losing among those voters. so if you don't like obama, you vote for scott brown. if you do like obama, well most
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of those voters are voting for scott brown as well. so it's a very tough uphill fight at this point. for the democrats. for matha coakley. >> if brown wins, what will the president say to democrats, if he's argued, you know, let's pass this reform bill if brown wins, that suggests that people don't want it. >> well, yeah. and i think it's going to be a shot heard 'round the world. the president going to have to go to maine and other states and shop for other senators to get his 60th vote. barney frank said it very well, the congressman from massachusetts, if scott brown, the republican wins in massachusetts, health care is dead. he's got to bring it back alive again starting tuesday night. so this is it. the voters know what they're doing. they have to decide tomorrow in massachusetts, whether they want the obama health care bill. the one complicating factor that the national media has missed is that massachusetts has a health care plan.
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it's a teddy kennedy-backed health care plan. that's the great irony, so the voters have what the president is promising them. and if they, a lot of voters in massachusetts are probably saying, we already have health care. if we pass a national health care bill, if we elect martha coakley, we're adding cost on our back, more burden on us, we already have what we want. >> meanwhile, haiti is dominating the president's agenda. how much of his response has become a leadership test for obama? >> i think the president has done incredibly well. i think it's one time since he's been elected that he's been there first. there hasn't been a delay. he's been the leader. not the speaker of the house, not someone else. it's so much different than the stimulus package, so much different than the health care plan, where he let the democrats on capitol hill sort of put it together. he's been there first, feet on the ground, right at the beginning, the commander-in-chief. i think it's a better performance than with regard to fort hood or the airplane bomber
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over detroit. he's been there early, he's been the leader. the country is so proud, americans look so good in this. we're doing something really good, we're doing it fast. and i think americans feel very good that we can do this and we're doing it and we're doing it fast. and i think it's a great example of american leadership as well. i don't think it's partisan, but of course, it's always good to have a commander-in-chief there on the job. >> chris, before i let you go, you have a special on msnbc tonight on race and the president. called "obama's america 2010 and beyond." can you give us a sense of what you guys will be talking about? >> i'm going to start off tonight leading with tom joiner from dallas, our radio talk show host. we're going to start off by talking about the promise of this president when he was elected. he told the first lady when he was running, why are you running, michelle asked barack obama as a candidate. why are you running? he said, because i'm going to change the prospects of this country for young people. the way we see ourselves as a country in terms of opportunity. we're going to see how well that promise has been delivered in the last year.
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>> chris matthews as always, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> you can watch tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. let's get a check of the other morn top stories right now. ann's off and hoda kotb is at the news desk. good morning to you. >> good morning, everybody. we begin here with afghanistan, where security forces are set to be back in control in kabul this morning after a deadly coordinated attack by militants. nbc's jim mais in kabul this morning. staged by some 20 militants. the heart of the capital looked and sounded like a battle zone. suicide car bombers and gunmen wearing suicide vests led the attack against multiple tarts near the presidential palace. for two and a half hours, a
7:21 am
fierce firefight raged on between afghan security forces and taliban fighters, firing from the upper floors of a nearby market building, which had erupted into flames. one militant driving a military ambulance loaded with explosives set off a huge blast. that rattled windows more than a mile away. afghan officials report four security forces and a child killed, and 40 wounded. but the death toll is surely expected to rise. the brazen attack was well-timed. and broke out just as president karzai was swearing in members of his new cabinet. hours after the main attack, there are still reports of sporadic gunfire. and much of the central city remains under total lockdown. >> that was jim in cabal. the turkish man who shot pope john paul ii is out of prison. he spent 29 years behind bars for wounding the pope for crimes in turkey. he was taken to a military hospital for an evaluation.
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in other news, "avatar" was among the big winners at last night's golden globe awards, winning best film, drama and winning the best director award for james cameron. among those getting top honors in acting, sandra bullock, meryl streep in "julie & julia." jeff bridges and robert downey jr. we're going to have a full wrap-up coming up. r. the new york jets and minnesota vikings are celebrating big wins in the nfl playoffs. on sunday, the jets stunned the chargers, 17-14, advancing to the afc championship game in minneapolis. and brett favre threw four touchdown passes as the vikings crushed the cowboys 34-3 and next time they'll take on the saints in the nfc title and the winners of those two games will go onto the super bowl. for anyone who questioned whether brett favre should come back they're thinking, not a bad idea. >> making believers out of a lot of people. hoda, thank you very much. mr. roker is out in los angeles, he's got a check of the
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weather. al? >> now, it rained on the red carpet, it's going to really be raining here. we've got a big jet stream anywhere from 150, to 250 miles per hour bringing in >> good money, everyone. things are pretty quiet at home. cold rain to close the weekend. cloud cover to start today but no precipitation. more sunshine this and that's your latest weather.
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meredith? thank you very much. just ahead, the surprises, the laughs and the person who got the biggest ovation at last night's golden globes.
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>> good morning, everybody. i'm stan stovall. time to get a check of the morning commute with sarah caldwell. >> good morning. looking like a holiday, as we see lighter volume. but a few problem spots from early this morning. route91 closed between deer park and hughes road. no. down 95 at the beltway nebraska, left lane due to disabled vehicle.
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pasadena, now the road and not the state drive, debris in the road. water main break -- ridgemeade. but the main roadways, looking for a smooth drive. aid live of view, starting at northeast corner at harford road. enjoy it. switching to the live in fear of 95 from white marsh area, not too bad either. problem freight at the harbor tunnel. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now let us check the forecast. >> things pretty quiet act of a soaking rain yesterday. just a little cloud cover but no precipitation. temperatures are all above reasons so you do not have to worry about ice on the road. -- temperatures all above freezing. close to the high temperature for this time of year. decreasing clouds. a few will hang around this morning. more sunshine this afternoon.
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high temperatures, upper 40's and below 50's. tomorrow, clouds will thicken up. chance for a couple the ring showers late tuesday into tuesday night. then it will cool off wednesday and thursday with temperatures dropping back to normal. a good chance of rain friday. could be a couple of snow flakes mixed in. but mostly rain what i high- temperature of only 38. >> thank you. be sure to check the bottom of your screen for updated news in traffic in the next live update in 25 minutes.
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and "avatar"! [ applause ] 7:30 on this monday morning, january 18th, 2010. james cameron was on top of the movie world again last night as his blockbuster, "avatar" took hope golden globes for best drama and best director. insued studio 1a i'm meredith vieira alongside matt lauer. mr. cameron and the entire "avatar" cast, not all of them, the human ones -- >> how impressive is this, you get people to either get up early or stay up late.
7:31 am
>> i think it's the latter. >> we love to cover the hits and misses. >> and an incredible young man with a great story to tell. he took the court and will talk to us soon. al roek certificate in los angeles after spending last night on the red carpet. >> it's been an interesting week. we've had to fly from the devastation of haiti, to the red carpet here in los angeles. the situation in haiti, of course on the minds of stars and everyone in the audience last night as the rains poured down. the soggy red carpet didn't dampen the party spirit at the golden globes. >> i would like a drink as much as the next man. unless the next man is mel gibson. >> and the golden globe goes to -- "avatar." >> james cameron's spectacular
7:32 am
3-d science fiction adventure was the night's winner, taking best drama and best director. >> this is a chance to get people back to the movie theater and have the big experience. >> first-time momny, mo'nique, won best supporting actor. >> thank you god, for this amazing ride. >> the ageless meryl streep won for her afegsate portrayal of chef, julia child. >> you're at the top ever your career at this point. when a lot of people would be thinking about slowing down. >> i'm thinking about slowing down. believe me. >> the hits keep come, babe and i'm really happy. >> real-life stories helped sandra bullock win for best actress in a drama with "the blind side." >> and drew barrymore won best actress for hbo's "gray garden." >> i'm not someone who takes things for granted. so this hasn't necessarily hit me yet.
7:33 am
>> and "mad men" won best drama series for a third year in a row. while the lovable "glee club" kids won for best musical comedy. scoring one for band geeks and a.v. squad nerds. i was in the a.v. squad, all right? in fact we had an -- a.v. -- that was our kind of -- >> back on the silver screen, the raunchy, dudes in vegas film, "the hangover" was surprise for best comedy. >> you'll see a "hangover ii" tomorrow morning and hopefully -- you'll see one next may. >> best comedy actor winner, robert downey jr., joked about singlehandedly carrying the film, "sherlock holmes." >> "avatar" is going to take us to the cleaners. but they didn't have me, we didn't have a shot, buddy. >> off-stage, the star gave credit where it's really due.
7:34 am
>> with her on my arm i knew we would work hard and deliver a good product. >> but the night's biggest ovation wind to jeff bridges who has long been treasured by fellow actors. >> you're screwing up my underappreciated status here. >> he was recognized as best actor in his role as a hard-drinking country singer in the film, "crazy heart." >> it feels really wonderful to get that kind of acknowledgement out there. i didn't kind of expect that. and it was, it was something, man. really something. >> meredith, he was obviously, jeff bridges was so taken aback when he got that standing, that spontaneous standing ovation. >> it was a wonderful thing, al, thank you so much. we're joined now by james cameron and the stars of "avatar." zoe zaldona, sigourney weaver,
7:35 am
and joel moore, along with one of the film's producers, john lando. congratulations on a great night. >> good morning. >> show of hands, how many of you have gotten any sleep so far? none? >> about three hours. >> a lot of reason to celebrate. and james, this has got to feel like deja vu. 12 years ago you got up at the golden globes and accepted an award for best director and best movie for "titanic." >> you understand it's 4:30 a.m. here, yeah, deja vu, exactly. and really, unexpected. because in the 59-year history of the golden globes, there's only one time science fiction movie previously has won for best dramatic film. so i actually didn't expect us to win for that. and i expected katherine bigelow
7:36 am
to win for best director, she's been on such a roll for "the hurt locker." so i wasn't prepared to get up there and say anything. i stampered through. >> the first award you said you needed to use the bathroom, so you were racing through your first acceptance speech. >> well i figured that would get me through the crowd quickly after i got offstage. >> exactly. sigourney, it seems when the two of you team up on sci-fi, you make magic. how proud are you of james? and also of this particular film? >> well i think jim has done, made, created a wonderful world for people all over the planet to enjoy. i think it's great to have a movie in the theaters that brings us all together. and allows us to talk about so many important things. you know, like the environment, but also to enjoy this big, huge
7:37 am
epic adventure love story. i'm very proud of it. >> you know, zoe, you were the only major character in this movie to never have a human form. but your character was probably the most lovable and endearing of them all. what was it like to play her? >> liberating, challenging. i learned, i took so much from her. jim created a beautiful species that once we all got together and we brought them to life, there were so many beautiful qualities. i guess it was sort of like the bucket, the little pot that we just wanted to put all the things we would like to be when we grew up. and that became sort of like the nav 'i culture and to have a warrior that is fierce and strong, i feel that those are the kind of women that i've grown up around mere and reading about and meeting. and befriending and loving my
7:38 am
whole life. >> james, before i let you all go -- >> she seems so poised. she's really a ferocious jungle animal on the inside. >> her alter-ego. before i let you go, james, can you leave us with a few words in nav 'i, the language of pandora? >> i'll repeat what i said at the, in the acceptance speech was. [ speaking nav 'i" which means i see you, my brothers and sisz ters. which means you see into them and respect them and cherish them. >> james cameron, "avatar" was truly a label of love for you. congratulations, and to the cast of "avatar" as well. get some rest. >> thank you. >> thanks. now let's get a check of the weather from al.
7:39 am
the weather, ux is not all good as we take a look out west. and as we go to the week ahead, and you'll see in the early part of the week, we've got heavy rain, mountain snows out west as a big storm system comes onshore, three of them actually. above-normal temperatures for the eastern two-thirds of the country. mid-week period we've got the moisture working its way into the southeast and mid-atlantic states. snowshowers in new england. more heavy rain and snow out west. the latter part of the week, guess what, more rain, more mountain snows in the west. flooding possible, mudslides, heavy rain in th >> good morning, everyone. the weather will be pretty quiet this holiday. a mixture of clouds and sunshine with a little more clout cover this morning and afternoon. temperatures nice and mild, close to 50
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if you want to keep track of your weather all day long, check out the the weather channel on cable or up next, against the odds -- the difficult task facing doctors in haiti as they treat quake victims. dr. nancy snyderman share as firsthand account right after this.
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we're back now at 7:43 with the daunting task facing medical workers in haiti. just getting to the the people who need the most help is proving very difficult. nbc's chief medical editor, dr. nancy snyderman joins us from port-au-prince. nancy, good morning to you. >> good morning, matt, as you know, over the past week there has been no shortage of people in haiti seeking medical attention. there's been units set up by the military and larger hospitals in the city who have been able to attend to people. but there are also a lot of small charities that you would walk by on a normal day, that are now tucked away in decimated neighborhoods. tucked into yet another damaged neighborhood, sister mary finnic
7:45 am
from yardley, pennsylvania, running a local charity. when the earthquake hit she knew immediately of the great human toll. >> the injuries that were horrible were the children whose foreheads were split open. we used sheets, whatever we could to get it to stop bleeding. >> her community soccer field became a field hospital. there's been no shortage of patients. patients continue to pour into clinics like this in port-au-prince. one of the real obstacles is the shortage of supplies. on days like this when the patients are still coming in steadily, what would be considered throw-away equipment in the united states, wiping off with alcohol, we're reusing. until this day, there's been no real help. where should we put the patient who needs to have his arm debrided. this doctor is a family medicine doctor from duluth, georgia, who just arrived. he hasn't taken a break since he walked through the gates. the intensity of this day has been overwhelming.
7:46 am
are you okay? >> no, i'm not. this is terrible. such a catastrophe. >> one of those terrible cases is 22-year-old michelle. >> who has this fractured bone coming through his skin and now he's infected. in this moment, the dining room becomes a makeshift operating room. the goal here is rather basic, to clean up this wound and start antibiotics. he's had a severed biceps. time is now the enemy for this victim and thousands like him. but with the dedication of volunteer medical teams, there's hope for a nation desperate to heal. how long will you keep working? >> until we're done. >> matt, as you can imagine, we can't treat everybody here. neither can any of the volunteers who came over here precisely for that reason. but we're going to go back to the clinic and see how that survivor fared. the real goal yesterday, were a lot of people scrambling to get him to a real orthopedic surgeon
7:47 am
who could take care of that complicated fracture and tend to the infection. >> good luck, nancy, we appreciate it let's bring in nbc's tom brokaw this morning. i want to get your perspective on this. i mean, we've got a lot of individuals, americans there, we've got a lot of small charities doing work there. but in terms of the government's response -- the u.s. government's response -- how would you characterize it so far? >> well, i think that it was well-intentioned. but it was another reminder of how we need to streamline all of these responses and have plans that are ready to move. on the other hand, haiti is one of the most desperate places on earth even in the best of times in haiti, it's a very difficult place to get around in. you know about the construction down there. the magnitude of this disaster is just overwhelming. but let me also say that this is a great tribute to this country. i worry that there might be donor fatigue. people have been asked to give and give for other causes. we have a tough economy. >> will this be difficult? americans are generous, but they also have a short attention
7:48 am
span. >> they do, and i've been saying to a lot of friends who want to get involved right now, why don't you wait three months. because haiti is going to need work then. there are a lot of supplies in the pipeline now. a lot of response going on. it's three months from now when the country has to be rebuilt, and it's a tribute to this country, rush limbaugh aside, that you have former president clinton and former president george bush, who are political arch enemies, coming together to say, we have to do something about this poorest place in the western hemisphere. and the response, i think has been very gratifying and a great tribute to the generosity of this country. >> let me transition, if i can, to something you've been working on for quite a while, your journey along highway 50, a documentary, summing it up, debuting tonight. what was the goal when you set out? >> the goal was to hear the voices of the american people. you have so many folks in washington, on cable television and the new york-washington axis, as i describe them living in panelled offices, walking down marbled corridors, saying,
7:49 am
i know what the american people want. i wanted to know what the american people say they wanted. we go from the east coast to the west coast, i have to be very careful about how i assign priorities here, and we listened to everyone. from people starting small businesses, to people losing their jobs. hospital workers, organic farmer farmers, ranchers, so see how they're coping with the economic downturn. >> there are people living all around the country -- was there optimism? >> optimism, it was probably muted. but there was resolution, they were going to get on with their lives. they know they're going to probably have to solve these problems on their own and they're willing to do that. and communities are coming together in way that is always very heartening in this country. it gives me real reassurance that we'll work our way out of it probably from the ground up. >> "american character along
7:50 am
highway 50" premieres tonight on the usa network. tom, thanks again. we're back right after this.
7:51 am
7:52 am
just ahead, the fashion trends that ruled the night at the golden globe awards. >> the red carpet's biggest winners and losers. but first, a check of your local news and weather.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> good morning, everybody. i'm stan stovall. time to the check on the roadways. here is sarah caldwell. >> we were doing okay until a few minutes ago, an axe and southbound 95, in the area of 195, just passed it, southbound lanes, taking up the left lane. a heavy delay beginning around about whether -- beltway past 195. we switch over to a live in view of white marsh area. a lot lighter, a lot due to the martin luther king jr. holiday.
7:57 am
the big problem is southbound 95 past 195. harford road, fired activity at baltimore county line. all lanes closed rate 91 due to water main. some closures due to the martin luther king, jr.,. in this city right around franklin street at green street. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. now check on the forecast. >> things are pretty quiet in the weather department. we had an unpleasant day yesterday with the cold rain. but a little cloud cover left behind. but temperatures are not bad, a property's and though 40's, typically our high for this time of year -- upper 30's and low 40's. it will become mostly sunny this afternoon with high
7:58 am
temperatures in the upper 40's and low 50 pocket chance of showers late tuesday and tuesday night and dries up wednesday and thursday. >> thank you for joining us. next live
7:59 am
8:00 am
we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morning, it is the 18th day of january, 2010. kind of a nice day here in the northeast. we've got more moderate temperatures, 37 degrees, sunny skies and a wonderful crowd of people gathered. on this holiday. it's martin luther king jr. day and so a lot of people off from work and school today. >> very nice. >> anyway on the plaza, i'm matt lauer, along with meredith vieira. al and natalie are still out in los angeles. >> they covered the golden globes last night. it was a great time. they'll have a complete rundown of the show away from the show. the red carpet fashion, which looks worked and which ones fell
8:01 am
in the faux pas category. how do they get that? >> you think maybe mr. cameron lent them that? >> maybe. anyway, bobby thomas will help break it down. >> what's it say on there? >> it's empty. it's mine now. >> it's a strunt toronunt troph. >> anyone got a sharpie? >> a young man from missouri on his high school basketball team gave everyone something to cheer out when he took to the court for a recent game. we'll meet him, his parents and coach. first a check of the headlines from hoda kotb who is in for ann this morning. today in haiti there is growing concern that hungry, thirsty earthquake survivors are running out of patience. nbc's lester holt is in port-au-prince. lester, good morning to you. >> reporter: hoda, good morning,
8:02 am
there have been some very volatile scenes, we've seen roving bands of people clashing with machetes in their hands. we've also seen orderly handout s of food. the frustration is building. the top general of the united states, which has kind of taken a defacto lead in supplying this country says thee are aggressively moving to step up shipments of food and water here. we have to also tell you that making things more difficult, without being too graphic, death is in the air everywhere. so many bodies have yet to be recovered. over the weekend we saw miracle after miracle of people being pulled from the rubble after being four or five days buried, found alive. one man i talked to had been taken out after five days. they continue the searches, but there's so much to search, so many buildings and frankly, we know of parts of this city, parts of the region, that no one
8:03 am
has reached yet. so the desperation continues. but on some level, there is hope that living will be found amid some of the wreckage. hoda? >> thank you so much. this morning, taliban fighters launched one of their heaviest attacks in months in the heart of afghanistan's capital. gunmen and suicide bombers targeted the government ministries, the shopping center and an afghan hotel. government officials reported at least five dead and 40 wounded. there's a big get out the vote effort in massachusetts today on the eve of a special election to fill ted kennedy's senate seat. president obama campaigned sunday, for a democrat martha coakley, who is in a tight race, losing the seat could have a big impact on health care reform. republican scott brown has vowed to block the health care overhaul, if he does win. overseas markets are mostly higher this morning. u.s. markets are closed for the martin luther king jr. holiday. on sunday, president obama recalled the work of dr. king, urging people in a washington
8:04 am
church to take heart in difficult times. it is now three minutes past the hour. let's get another check of the weather from mr. al roker in los angeles. >> all right, thanks a lot, hoda. as we check out our pick city of the day, it just happens to be los angeles. we're looking for rain, heavy rain, windy conditions, mudslides possible. highs, 61 degrees. and on the "today" map, you can see the satellite, we've got basically some snow moving out of new england, but big storms coming into the pacific northwest and the west coast. in fact, three storms, one right after the other will bring heavy rain, possible flooding, mudslides as well. sunshine from texas into the plains, with some freezing fog in the northern plains, we're also looking at morning snow ending in new england. sunny skies dow >> we are going to start off with cloud cover that will decrease as we head to the day. sunshine this afternoon and
8:05 am
temperatures nice and and that's your latest weather. matt? >> al, thank you very much. when we come back, the winners, the losers, the fashion highlights and lowlights all from last night's globe globe awards. we'll run it down for you. but first, these messages. it's not fun. my dry skin
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and say good morning to listerine®. maybe it's your name. richard? smucker. (announcer) when your name is smucker everyone knows you'll grow up to make the world's best jam. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. back at 8:09 with more of "today" at the golden globes. who fizzled and who sizzled when it came to fashion? al got up close and personal with many stars on the red carpet. hey, al. >> hey, meredith, i can tell you the hottest accessory of the night? an umbrella. stars had to dodge rain as they made their way into the beverly hilton hotel. that didn't stop them from pulling out all the glamorous stops. ♪
8:10 am
♪ >> rain or shine, it's red carpet time! >> i just want to run down the carpet. >> penelope va-va voom girls. >> valentino. >> wrapped around my body. oscar delarenta. >> face by sam fine. >> i was scared you were going to ask me that. who am i wearing, honey? >> dolce and gabbana. >> sears and roebuck. >> armani. >> balenciaga. but i'm with tom ford. >> actually you can't do better than tom ford as your accessory. >> i get to show off my bride. >> kevin hall.
8:11 am
quat. face by bobby brown, the bobbie brown. >> i notice your both wearing the ribbons for haiti tonight. >> we are, we're thinking about it. keeping it in our minds. ♪ ♪ >> it's raining! and i said it would! >> very festive, very wet. >> i have a pink umbrella. >> it's a japanese material, it's plastic. >> it is. >> so it's waterproof? >> i'm hoping. >> thank you so much. >> i'm almost going to blush. but are you a member of the mile-high club. do you get that question? >> bobby! >> i had to, everybody says you
8:12 am
have to ask her that. >> i plead the fifth. >> i made the dress. i was up all night, sewing. i wanted there to be little holes in it. >> absolutely. i do her makeup. i sew her dress, this is from next fall. >> anyone who knows me in real life. knows that i'm a hot mess on a day-to-days basis. so for a bunch of people to come together to paint me up a real treat. >> how many people did it -- >> it took like 50 people. like the macy's parade. >> when you put actors together and booze in front of them, it's going to be fireworks. >> what's in your bag, can i look? >> a small bottle of vodka. a tiny one. >> i can't wait to get inside, because there's a lot of champagne. >> well, i got to tell you, my favorite outfits of the night, sandra bullock with that purple -- >> plastic-y. >> strange material. >> and mariah carey had a good
8:13 am
look. >> the golden globe look. >> as it were, yes. >> i didn't just say that. >> yes, you did. >> blame it on the lack of sleep. >> well style editor, bobbie thomas is here with the hits and misses of the evening. obviously the sea of the umbrellas were out, that kind of took away from some of the outfits, but the initial reactions? >> i thought the rain was romantic in a way and it was fun. >> what are you going to do? you have to have fun. >> like a drowned rat on the red carpet. >> you looked beautiful. >> despite all of the hours that stylists put in, they did forget to get the umbrellas. it was a pretty red carpet. lots of intricate detail. there wasn't a plain dress in sight. it always had an either an embellishment, overlay. kate hudson looked amazing. >> her dress had a little edge. >> very structured, marion
8:14 am
cottilard. a beautiful balancing act. and kerry mulligan had this beautiful dress that almost looked like a large pattern lace. >> beautiful, like a purple blue. >> and purple was big, wasn't it? >> purple was a big color. purple really reigned all over the carpet. you saw everything from lilac to the bright, bold, regal colors. >> and sandra bullock -- >> beautiful bottega vanetta. leona lewis, in her cavalli. and even a wlmlfre woodward loo stunning. and even you, natalie, you were on trend with your beautiful dress. >> i was feminine and frothy. very feminine and beautiful flirty dresses. >> definitely, think is a nod what we're going to see to spring. both of you and had softer looks, the girls looked like they were floating down the
8:15 am
carpet in ruffles. and an a kendrick in marquesa. and emily blunt. all of the ruffles. >> drew barrymore had like that sea anemone look. >> it was like old hollywood meets fashion-forward. it was very interesting. there were so many girls i just wanted to say, thank you for wearing those dresses. we got to see something fun. you could really have fun with fashion. >> and your favorite look of the night? >> kate hudson. so stunning. the white color of that dress, marquesa, allowed it to stand out. architectural. it looked like she poured her body into it. and the tassle earrings, were an interesting choice. hair and makeup perfect. >> it's modern, but yet very feminine. >> the great thing about that
8:16 am
dress was you could carry things in front. >> did you see her shoes? >> the huge -- >> the triple platform shoes which i also borrowed. >> i was wearing them. but girls you want to know you can get a little extra height. >> especially if you want to carry the long dress with the train behind you, too. >> any woman at home, when you're wearing a long dress, it does help elongate you. and everybody on the red carpet wearing the ribbon for the people in haiti. that was a nice touch that people supported and wore it very well last night. >> the glamour can help turn attention to other parts of the world. >> and all the stars really came up to me i felt, they were talking about it. they really, i think wanted to just share and to really just support what's going on in haiti with the relief efforts. >> we'll talk later how some dresses will be donated to help for the cause. >> bobbie thomas, we had fun on the red carpet, didn't we? >> for more red carpet fashion, you can check out our special slide show on we'll have more on the golden globes from here in los angeles
8:17 am
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8:21 am
news, a heartwarming story, david stillman is manager of his high school basketball team. for one special night, he became a star player. we'll talk to him in a moment. but first, nbc's john yang has his story. >> reporter: for kirkwood high school senior, david "chub" stillman, it was a big night. he even had his own cheering section, the "c" and the "u" are david's brothers. before this, he never played in a high school game. but there he was, wearing his favorite number, 23, michael jordan's number. he's been in special ed since preschool. >> he doesn't have a specific medical diagnosis. but he has multiple learning disabilities. >> he tried out for the team as a freshman, but didn't make the cut. >> he doesn't understand offensive strategy and defensive strategy. >> reporter: since then, he's been to every practice, to every game. now, he was in the game. >> i told him, his role was to
8:22 am
find his favorite spot on the floor. and our team's role was to find him opportunities to get shots off. >> reporter: that's stillman in the corner. watch this. swish! >> it was awesome. they were feeding me the ball. >> to watch the ball go through the hoop was just, it was just an amazing feeling. >> he's tried for so many years to overcome the obstacles, and he was able to be the star. >> reporter: look at this -- with the clock winding down in the fourth quarter, he did it again. >> a lot of people were going crazy. >> reporter: stillman was mobbed as if he had just won an championship. and in a way -- he had. for today, john yang, nbc news. >> and david stillman is with us, now, along with his parents ann and kevin and kirkwood high school basketball coach, bill gun. am i allowed to call you chubs? >> yeah.
8:23 am
>> okay. chubs, how you doing today? >> good. >> when i watch the tape of what happened, i watched the smile on your face. it's still a huge kick for you, isn't it? >> yeah. >> mom and dad, what's it like for you to watch the tape? >> matt, that evening was such an unbelievably surreal moment for us. to be able to sit here and watch it again, it just brings so much joy to us. >> mom, here's what i thought. i thought, you're in the stands, you know this is going to happen. and the nerves, because this could go the other way. >> right. >> david could have gotten the ball out there and there could have been a couple of airballs and instead, he makes these shots. how nervous were you, watching this? >> i was pretty nervous. i was so glad when he made his shots. i just thought, thank god, he made his shots. >> did you get to see your mom and dad up in the crowd after you made the shots? >> yeah. >> yeah, it must have been fun to see that. coach, this had been in the works for a while, right? >> david's been with us, such a special part of our program for the past four years. and different players, he
8:24 am
developed such a bond. because he's so supportive of them. and we've been talking about it for two or three years. what would be the right thing to do and what would be the right time. for the last year we've been planning this. >> as i said to david's mom, you want this to be right. you don't want this to be a moment that takes away confidence from david. you want it to be something that he'll always remember. and so, tell me about the planning with the team and his teammates? >> well, i think you know, the guys, they just wanted to see him out there. and to them, it didn't matter when. for me, i wanted, and i thought if he could start, if he could come in, you could see him coming through the line and the excitement that he brings. if he had an opportunity to start and go through pre-game with us and warmups, that would be perfect. and what he did during the course of the game, you know, made the moment that much more special. >> kevin and ann, i understand the school has been so supportive and the student body has been just great. as parents, what has that meant to you? >> it's been incredible. it's, it makes me realize this
8:25 am
generation of kids has real promise. because they have great hearts. >> these kids have shown so much love and support for david over the four years he's been at kirkwood high, it's just been, made us feel so good about our decision to send him there. >> david, how do you top this? chubs, i'm sorry, i should have called you chubs. how do you top this? >> it was awesome to be playing in the games. >> you've got the pictures forever. you've got the videotape. you'll never forget this. i love the number you chose there, 23. i'm a big michael jordan fan as well. so, chubs, well done, chubs. really nice to meet you. it's a pleasure. >> for more good news, you can check out the good news section of our website, just ahead, what do the stars do to get ready for the golden globes. al shows us, a little behind-the-scenes action.
8:26 am
>> good morning. i'm mindy basara. let's get a final check on your morning commute with traffic pulse 11 and sarah caldwell. >> we have been doing ok for the most part because it is the martin luther king, jr., of the day but one problem southbound 95 right past 195, left lane closed with an accident, from the belt way passed 195. 95 in white marsh, normally have the, not the case this morning. enjoy it while you can. hartford, shut down at the baltimore county line the to fire activity. closure of 91 in finkdsberg
8:27 am
right near deer park. franklin street shut down and the city at green street due to the martin luther king jr. day parade. the rest of the major roadways looking very good. again, big problem is southbound 95 past 195, let lin closed with an accident. now the czech and the forecast. >> things are pretty quiet for us after the rain yesterday with an unpleasant sunday. a nice break as we get through the rest of the holiday. 10 degrees above normal. we are already at the normal highs, 41. it is 40 at the airport, 39 -- 41 in rockville. forecast, mixture of sunshine in a few clouds. the precipitation, high temperatures and upper 40's and low 50's, sun said getting later and labor -- later. chance of showers late tuesday and tuesday night and a drier and cooler in the middle of the
8:28 am
week. chance of rain at the end of the week, maybe mixed in with a few snowflakes, high near 38. >> thank you for joining us, another update at 8:55 a.m.. look at you. body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning.
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8:30 am
this monday morning, the 18th of january, 2010, a chilly, rainy morning here in the northeast. that's not dampening the spirits of all these fine folks gathered in rockefeller plaza. i'm meredith vieira along with matt lauer. and hoda kotb, filling in for ann this morning. we're going to check in with al and natalie for more on the golden globes in just a moment.
8:31 am
so nice to hear the crowd. >> it's great, holiday crowd. also ahead on a much, much more serious note. the stories continue coming out of haiti, one story that's gotten a lot of attention here on our show and elsewhere, the fate of some students from lynn university down in florida. eight of the students who were in haiti have been accounted for, six others, four students actually and two faculty members have not been accounted for after some confusion. initial confusion and the reporting of the story. we'll talk to their loved ones in just a little while. >> and wyclef jean is teaming up with starbucks, hoping to raise money for the red cross. and we have a public service announcement. >> i return from my beloved country of haiti with the heavy heart. the suffering and devastation i have witnessed will be etched in my memory forever. a population that's already on the razor edge of survival has faced the worst blow known to mankind.
8:32 am
>> well, we should let you know that starting today you can make a donation to starbucks that will go to the red cross, you don't have buy anything. starting today at starbucks all around the country. let's get a check of the weather. al is in los angeles after a bang-up job covering the golden globes. al, take it away. >> thanks a lot, guys. as we check things out for you, looking ahead, the week ahead, it's going to be a mess in the west. we're talking today, heavy rain in california into the pacific northwest. freezing fog in the northern plains, morning snow in new england, high surf the west coast of florida. tomorrow we expect the mess to move east out west. another storm comes in, brings more rain. we're talking about this could be the heaviest flooding in california. since 2005. the eastern 2/3 of the country look pretty good with the exception of >> good morning, everyone. the weather will be pretty quiet this holiday. a mixture of clouds and sunshine
8:33 am
with a little more clout cover this morning and afternoon. temperatures nice and mild, temperatures nice and mild, close to 50 don't forget, you want to keep track of the weather all day long, go to the the weather channel on cable or online. come coming, what's it like behind the scenes for the golden globes, getting ready for the big event with al. he'll tell us about the time he spesht with the stars of it's definitely expensive having a growing family, and it's something that you think about. we try to be conscious of that and plan out our meals so that we can feed everyone on a budget. ♪
8:34 am
at giant, we know saving money is important. every time you shop with your card, you can enjoy thousands of real deal savings and weekly specials -- like perdue boneless chicken breasts, half price, and bounty big roll 8-pack only $10. this week only. it makes me feel good because we're saving money and that works for me. only with your giant card.
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8:36 am
now to the latest on the search in haiti for four college students and two faculty members from florida's lynn university. many of the group's parents and loved ones have gathered in deerfield beach, florida. as they wait for words. we have britney's parents, christine's parents, matt sears is the boyfriend of courtney hayes, and kelly bruno is the daughter of professor richard bruno. good morning to you all and please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you this morning. >> thank you, meredith. >> good morning, thank you. >> jean, if i could start with you, i can only imagine how sick with worry you are, wondering where your daughter christine is. and whether she is alive at this point. we know that search and rescue teams were at the hotel this weekend looking for any sign of survivors. what message do you have for them this morning, jean?
8:37 am
>> well, you know how you would feel if it were your daughter. i'm not giving up on the fact that she is alive. none of us are. we are very appreciative of the rescuers that are on the ground. but we need more. we need more reinforcements. so there's nothing we can do but this. and hope. >> john, how long had the students been in haiti? and what was their mission there? >> they arrived on a week ago today. left early in the morning, and it was a mission of hope. these are children that had choices for their j term to do almost anything. but they chose to go to haiti, a mission of hope to give their
8:38 am
time to the needy and they, they began to accomplish that goal. they spent time with children at orphanages. you know, these are children that have great heart. you know, they're givers. and you know, that hope, we need to continue to have hope to get them back. and as my wife, jean said, we're very grateful for the efforts, the rescuers there now. but we need more, and we need more hope. and they will come back. >> yeah. there's also been a lot of frustration along the way. you were told that your daughter, britney, had been removed from the hotel, that she was all right. you went down to florida to be reunited with her. only to find out that was a false report. and you pleaded with the president in a news conference to send more people to haiti, to help with this rescue. do you feel in your heart that everything is being done that can be done at this point? >> meredith, no, we don't.
8:39 am
as parents and children of people that are buried in that rubble. we need troops at that hotel. i have pleaded with the president, father to father, to please get the troops to the hotel montana. meredith, we're from worcester. you started at borc. >> i sure did. >> we know you, we watched you. all the people here, this is a nightmare. this is a living nightmare. we need government intervention. the united states of america needs to get to the hotel montana and get our children. now. >> cheryl ann, i know how much this trip meant to your daughter, to lynn's daughter. you did speak to her right before the earthquake struck.
8:40 am
the trip had already changed her as a person, hadn't it? >> it did, it did. she was as a crossroads before she went down there. when she was home for christmas break, we were talking about when she went back, what she was going to do. she was in communications. and she said, mom, i really want to change my major. i want to go into human services. and we said, you know, brit, let's think about it let's see about it when you come back from haiti. she got down there on monday and her first email, i mean, i don't even think she was there probably two hours. and she sent me an email and said, mom, i know what i want to do with the rest of my life. and she knew that. and she, she loved being down there. she fell in love with the children. and so i think when she comes back, she's, i'm going to let her change her major. so -- >> i'm watching, lynn, the pain that you're going through, that all of you are going 32, and it is incredibly heartbreaking. lynn and lennie, your
8:41 am
step-daughter was also one of the students that you told had been removed from the rubble and was okay, only to find out that she's still missing. did the school give you any reason why this false report? >> they said it was a mix-up in communication. and as we all know, everybody is doing the best that they can. and the communication is very poor and that's one of the problems that we've been having. we don't get anything back. nobody does. it's not the university's downfall. they've been superb in the way they've handled this whole nightmare. >> but what we're really asking for, meredith, is we need people to get there and we need them to get there fast. time is working against us. i mean, if you can just take a moment and envision and what it would be like if it was one of your children or if it was one of your parents, that you didn't know for now for six days, what their condition was. whether they're under the rubble. whether they're hurting. you know, whether they're
8:42 am
waiting for you to come rescue them. we're u.s. citizens. we achieve miracles. we need a miracle now. we need it today. >> and we're praying for a miracle for all of you. our thoughts and prayers are with each one of you. you're so right, i'm a parent myself and i cannot imagine what you're going through. thank you so much for joining us this morning. and we are thinking of you and your children, your loved ones. and kelly, also we're thinking of your dad as well. >> thank you. we're back in a moment, this is "today" on nbc.
8:43 am
8:44 am
we're back with more of "today" at the golden globes. al is in los angeles, where before the show he had the chance to hang out with the stars of one of the most talked-about movies of the year. al? >> it was a great time. i got, i had a fun assignment,
8:45 am
matt. i got to sit down for two of the nominated stars of "precious." newcomer gabourey sidibe and actress, talk show host, comedian and now globe globe winner, mo'nique, who plays her abusive mother. >> my name, clarice, precious jones. i go by precious. >> not too long ago, you were an unknown college student. toda today, golden globe nominee for best actress. this is your first film and you're nominated for a golden globe. >> what's up with that? >> is this something you've always wanted? >> no, no, it isn't. i've never wanted to be an actress. i didn't want to be famous or any of it. but i know the day i showed up on set, i felt -- complete in a way, is that weird? i felt like, this is what i'm supposed to be doing with my life. this is it. and of course i want to continue
8:46 am
doing it. >> i got kicked out of school because i was pregnant. >> i still need your discharge papers, otherwise we can't let you in. >> they were supposed to send you all that. >> you know what she called about. >> one of the things that impresses me about you, just watching your performance. meeting you, is that you are an extremely confident young woman. where does that come from? >> it really comes from, from me. in a lot of ways. i, i had, i have to figure out how to be happy with my own life. because i'm the only one that can live it. i made a decision to love myself. i made a decision to be happy with myself, no matter what i look like, no matter what my life is like. i'm going to enjoy it. >> have you made your final decision as to what you're going to be wearing on the red carpet tonight? >> yes, i've decided to wear a dress. >> okay. >> i think it's the right decision. >> yes, better than say, jeans, i'm guessing. >> yes. >> is this everything you thought it would be? >> it's more, so much more.
8:47 am
>> we wish you all the best tonight. >> thank you. >> best of luck. i'm sure these are just the first of many bouquets you're going to be getting tonight. >> i hope so. i like flowers. thank you. >> not as much as diamonds, i'm sure. >> diamonds and flowers, what a world. >> i don't want you to -- sit there and judge me this way. >> you shut up and you let him abuse your daughter. >> i did not want him to abuse my daughter. those things that she told you he did to her, who else was going to love me? >> mo'nique, thanks for letting us stop by your house as you get ready for the golden globes. did you think this would be you? >> as a kid, i didn't know to say golden globes. but i saw this. i didn't know to put a title on it. but i would stand in the mirror with the brush and make my acceptance speech for something, baby, i was accepting something! >> speaking of speech, have you prepped a speech? >> i have not.
8:48 am
i -- i don't prep speeches. because i feel like that's saying, i know. so it's like, if in the event they call my name, then whatever comes will come. >> and everybody kept asking me, did i know my speech. and i said, no, i don't know what i'm going to say because i don't want people to think i just know i done won something, so, no, i don't know. but i'm shaking and when i tell you all i am in the midst of my dream -- >> when you got this role, did you see the journey leading here? to this? >> no. when, when i accepted the role from mr. daniels, it was strictly out of a labor of love to get the message out. so never, we're going to get awards, no. >> there's been oscar buzz about this. and the other buzz that's out there, that i find fascinating, is that people have made a lot about the fact that you haven't done the usual oscar campaigning. are you surprised about this? >> when all of the talk started
8:49 am
happening, mo'nique's not campaigning, she's not promoting this film, she's not behind the project -- well, the things that i could go to, i was more than happy to attend. the things that i couldn't, i couldn't. >> what do you think it is? >> the one thing i never understood, in reference to the campaigning part of it, what is it that i'm campaigning for? i'm not running for anything. while the performance is on screen. so what more do i have to prove? now when it came down to mo'nique wants to be paid for going out to promote this film -- i'm going to tell you exactly how that conversation went. i'm also a stand-up comedian. and by the grace of god, i make a pretty nice income, being a stand-up comedian. so if you call me and say, hey, we need to you come over here and tell these jokes. if you come here and tell these jokes, you'll walk away with six figures. if you come here to see the film, there's a possibility that you might win an award.
8:50 am
well, i have a family. and as you can see, i'm a big woman. and we like to eat. do you hear me, al? we like snacks. we were just asking people, to make it make sense. and when they couldn't, then that's when you started reading the articles. mo'nique is being difficult. mo'nique wants to be paid to promote the film. >> so who are we wearing tonight? >> my gown is by -- and i got to say it right, baby, because i got to dance with it when i say it -- help me, help me, help me. rheem acra. >> there it is, you got to get into it -- rheem acra. >> are you excited? >> i am. >> we wish you the best of luck out there. >> thank you, brother. >> and of course, matt and meredith, the oscar buzz for both of these young women will continue, especially for mo'nique. now that she's won the golden
8:51 am
globe. >> it worked out pretty well, didn't it? >> she so deserves it. thanks, al. we're back enter a moment on a monday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
the new movie, "the last station" is now in theaters and our gene shalit, thinks this
8:53 am
story is worth the trip. >> good morning. the 19th century literary giant, count tolstoy, wrote two of history's exalted masterpieces, "anna carenina" and "war and peace." his personal life could be a be as stormy as his novels. after 48 years of passionate marriage, he chucks everything. wife, family, land. even the rights to his writing. that tumultuous final year of tolstoy's life floods michael hoffman's "the last station," a film of love, duplicity and rage. christopher plummer is a passive, bedevilled tolstoy. >> you should think twice before asking my opinion on anything. >> helen mirren, electrifying as stovia. >> god speaks through him. i recognize the cadence in his voice. >> god, this is unbearable, no
8:54 am
wonder i feel lonely, i'm surrounded by morons. >> tolstoy's accomplice, sneezes when he's nervous. valentin's love for madga is nothing to sneeze at. >> god bless you. >> god bless you. >> the scheming vladimir chertkov, paul giamati incites tolstoy to change his will. >> i will speak to him at the first opportunity. >> an engrossing film of passions, intellectual, political, sexual, "the last station," tolstoy's told story. and that's the "critics corner"
8:55 am
for today. >> there's more to come from new york and los angeles, including what natalie went through to get red-carpet ready. but first, your local news and weather.
8:56 am
>> good morning. i'm mindy basara. here is a look at one of our top stories. the baltimore county grand jury indicted the driver accused of a deadly drag racing accident in the woodlawn area last summer. he was arrested at his pikesville home sunday and faces manslaughter, homicide and other alcohol-related charges. 20-year-old jonathan henderson and 21-year-old mary katharine abenaki were and killed. abenaki were and killed.
8:57 am
with a brief look at the action on royal caribbean's new oasis of the seas. carolina diago found her thrill 9 decks above the boardwalk. meanwhile, 3-year-old axel rode his first carousel at sea. taylor from florida went surfing somewhere in the middle of the ocean. and finally, the turners and kratzes enjoyed dinner in central park. that's the news. i'm stilt walker christy piper, on royal caribbean's oasis of the seas. why aren't you? let us take a look at your
8:58 am
forecast. >> good morning, everyone. the weather will be pretty quiet. mixture of sunshine and a few clouds. high temperatures could be about 10 degrees above normal. upper 40's, 50's. the sunsets at 11 minutes after 5:00 later and labor. chance of couple showers late tuesday and tuesday night and other and that dry and cool wednesday and thursday with hawaii of upper 30's and 40 and rain and snow and of the week on friday.
8:59 am

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